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Service Categories

Within the categories of services represented, the offer is not exhaustive, since it depends primarily on your needs, and these can be extremely specific. Unless they are surreal, in which case we will say "no", we will study what answer to give, and what feasibility is reasonably possible.

"We use our time to make you save yours!"

Services to Entrepreneurs
and to Small Businesses:
Co-working, administrative assistance, copywriting, booking flights / hotels / shuttles, schedule management, project management, website design, physical or paperless communication, physical or paperless archiving, presence on social networks ...
Services for Individuals - Concierge:
Finding accommodation, a plumber, an air conditioning maintenance company, cheese, wine, the best dim sum, occasional childcare, looking for a co-tenant, finding a guide for your first time in HK or Paris, having your pet looked after ... will go out of their way to find what you are looking for!
Educational Services:
Management of educational and pedagogical projects, individual or small group coaching, homework help, training in new teaching technologies, deployment of interactive online resources (eLearning) ...
  • Discover here the eLearning offers that we can deploy in collaboration with Riviera Networks, specialist in these solutions in France.
Photography, Video and Digital Imaging:
Weddings, farewell shootings, institutional photos, packshots, digital retouching, restoration of old photos, workshops, photowalks, video feature courses and promotional clips…
Music and Digital Audio:
Original compositions for image, theater and dance.
Original compositions and arrangements for authors / lyricists / performers.