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About EGS Services
Created in Paris in 2011, present in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, thought mainly for expatriate communities and companies, EGS Services is aimed at all those who, at one time or repeatedly, need a service or reliable support, as part of their business.
Whether you are a parent, an entrepreneur, a company, EGS Services' vocation and ambition is to meet your needs, when they arise.
"Avoid intermediaries, gain responsiveness and efficiency!"

"Avoid intermediaries, gain responsiveness and efficiency!"

The EGS Services Advantage
Rich in multiple areas of expertise generally requiring an entire team capable of bringing them all together, EGS Services intervenes in support of your needs or your projects, in the fields of education, digital and specialised and personalised services (concierge), or by putting you in contact with local companies and craftsmen whose reliability and costs we guarantee.
The EGS Services challenge
Let us know your problem. Within generally less than 48 hours, we will offer you a solution.

"Our challenge is to use our time to save you yours!"

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