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Refreshing and Retouching Old Photos

If our digital photos will still seem about as fresh in a few decades, those made by our elders, our ancestors, often do not hold up well over time.
The charm of film, sometimes, fades over the years ...
Fortunately, the two worlds, film and digital, are not so far apart that we are wrong to believe: they are complementary, they are related!
Returning to film photography can give photography back its personality, charm, and its letters of nobility, just as the digital processing of old photos can give them back the dapper aspect they once had.

(Eric GS Grand Parents, Alger, 1928, photo "scannée" avec un smartphone)

(après retouche et agrandissement pour impression)

After refreshing, and colouring :-)

In this spirit, EGS offers you a service of refreshing and retouching old photos.

If the temptation is sometimes great to use a dedicated application, on his smartphone or his personal computer, the algorithmic automatism of this software is only a stopgap.
To preserve your soul in a photo of humans, made by a human, whose development of the film and the printing on paper are also the work of humans, nothing beats expertise, know-how, attention and the meticulousness… of a human being!

The more accurate the scan of your old photos, the better the end result.
For this purpose, we also digitise your old photos when you do not have the necessary equipment or time.

The two examples presented, made from photos scanned with a smartphone (which is far from the best option for an optimal result!), Each required about an hour of work.

Our prices are decreasing according to the volume of photos to be processed, and depending on whether they involve the digitization stage by us.
They start at 6 € / photo. We deliver the refreshed photos in low resolution (72 dpi) for the web, social networks, emails, and after nondestructive enlargement, in high resolution (300dpi) for printing.

Do not hesitate to test our talent on one or two old photos, then to entrust us with the others if you are satisfied with the result!